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Who me?
Well, I'm a fanfic writer/reader, though lately it's been more reading than actual writing, but that will soon hopefully change. I started out in the Buffy universe (Willow is my favourite character, with Spike, Xander and Anya as close seconds), but I have moved around thoroughly.

I'm currently working on getting my Masters in Biology, which is taking up an extraordinary amount of my time. When I'm not doing that, I'm either working part-time, wishing I could go on vacation or thinking about the crap jobs I'll have when I'm done school. I also read books, watch TV and go out with friends - when I have the time to spare.

Current Obsessions
Leverage, White Collar, The Closer, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Numb3rs, Supernatural, Dexter, Burn Notice.

I am also a sci-fi nerd. I have a driving need to see any new show or read any new book that deals with science fiction. I also routinely curse Hollywood writers for their bad science. Why? Because most of the time I know more than they do and it annoys me when the public gets bad science in popular media.

Long time favourites
Stargate:SG-1, Stargate:Atlantis, Doctor Who/Torchwood Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, Pretender, Magnificent Seven (awesome show!!), Firefly/Serenity, Highlander, The Dresden Files, Bones, Terminator, etc...


sidestepping through life is love
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Interests (8):

climbing oaks in siberia, jumping into honey, photographing rotting flowers, reading medical texts, ridiculing (bad) reality tv, sidestepping through life, steak on my head, throwing things off camels
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